My father worked 47 years in the same company.

A son of the post-war era, he has given everything and rose to the highest level of his organization just before retiring.

The mantra for the children of this generation was: study, work hard, graduate and find a good job.

That’s all!

And no, dad, the world doesn’t work like that anymore.

Today you reach an age where you are “too senior.”

You may have to reinvent yourself.

Or you start to doubt that “in life there has to be more …”

You learn that failure is not a monster but a teacher.

And the future a giant question mark above your head.

Dealing with all of this stuff is tough.

We have not been forged to live with so much uncertainty.

We have been “formatted” for one world and we find another.

We have no tools.


We have outdated guilt, fear, and value systems. 

It is so for everyone.


My generation is one of the first generations to deal with change, unanswered questions and such a deep gap between who we are and what we have been told to be.

Starting to look at ourselves in the mirror is, in itself, an act of quantum bravery.

We are vulnerable and we were not prepared for this.

And what about you? Have you ever wondered what you want in the second part of your life?

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  1. 2021 filmler 01/11/2021 at 04:20

    One can learn something new here everyday. Im a regular for most of those blogs, but still didnt know about a couple of them. Susana Roy Brenton


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