Small guide to orient yourself when you hear about coaching, a still new discipline, practiced by many good professionals and some charlatan.

The other day when I announced the opening of the CONΞEX Coaching project on Linkedin, a friend I haven’t heard from in a long time told me “… how did you become a guru?”.

I was disappointed, partly because I am and remain a fundamentally humble person, partly because I realized that there is a lot of misinformation about coaching.

Coaching in Italy (and partly also in Spain) is often associated with people with a certain charisma who use their communication skills to tell others (very often from a stage) what to do.

Let me say it for once and for all: THIS IS NOT COACHING!

Coaching (the real one) is an accompaniment process in which the coach supports the client in a process of growth and / or exploration to reach a goal that the client desires (be it professional or personal).

The first characteristic of coaching is therefore personalized and active listening.

What I noticed, from the comparison with my first clients, is above all a need to clarify.

Put down the most urgent issues on their agenda or those that have been set aside for too long and have become compelling for some reason, to try to make order.

The coach has tools and methodologies to help, first of all, this reorganization process and face it constructively through action plans, tools and a phased construction process.

A coach is hired to understand what your goal is or how to get there. Most of the time to do both.

There always comes (at least) a time in life when you begin to doubt the path you are following or think that you are not spending enough energy to achieve what is most important to you.

By hiring a coach, you first decide to take responsibility for the challenge and you are guaranteed to be followed professionally until the end of the process.

Then Core Energy™ Coaching – which is the methodology on which I trained – also does “a little something” more: it helps you to work on the blocks that prevent you from acting, freeing the way from those obstacles that could make you fail in your personal project.

Core Energy™ Coaching is “transformational” because it works by helping people to change deeply.

How many times have you said to yourself “I know what it would be right to do but I don’t have the energy to act”.

It happens most of the time because beliefs, thoughts and emotions are so tangled that they put a wall between you and the action.

And without ENERGY there is no action.

For this reason, we Core Energy Coaches also work on customers’ thoughts, emotions and “filters” to allow them to be fully motivated and focused on the goal.

We are obviously not psychologists because we do not dig into your past, nor can we cure dysfunctional pathologies: we work on the future with people who have to fix concrete aspects.

We are not mentors or consultants, because we do not know what is the right thing to do: the client knows what is the right thing to do! We help him understand and not make him give up on his intent.

Even if the intent was to find peace or consistency among your personal life, your dreams and your professional ambitions.

That’s all?

No of course, there is much more.

However this was the first thing that I thought it was appropriate to clarify, because many have asked me and because unfortunately there is a lot of confusion.

Ultimately, dear friends, I am sorry for you, NO, I am not a guru, nor a star, nor do I have a hypertrophic ego!!

I’m the same person as always, but with a very powerful professionalism that has one goal: to help you make yourself happy, fulfilled, proud of yourself and aligned with your purpose in life.

You still don’t understand it and would like to know more?

It is absolutely normal! As I said this is still a relatively new discipline, in a world that is changing at the speed of light.

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I will be more than happy to explain in details personally.

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