How Neuroplasticity can make you happy

Three pieces of evidence from recent discoveries in the field of Neuroscience for your daily well-being (through coaching). I started the University at the end of 1990. In that year Nelson Mandela was released from prison, Mark Zuckerberg was 6 years old and according to Neuroscience my brain was reaching its maximum development. Today we know that this is untrue. The brain does not stop…

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How to understand what Coaching is (and what is not)

Small guide to orient yourself when you hear about coaching, a still new discipline, practiced by many good professionals and some charlatan. The other day when I announced the opening of the CONΞEX Coaching project on Linkedin, a friend I haven’t heard from in a long time told me “… how did you become a guru?”. I was disappointed, partly because I am and remain…

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